Innovations for women

About us

  • We provide comprehensive care in the fields of gynecology, urology, physiotherapy and esthetic gynecology.
  • We offer a pleasant environment, professionalism, top-notch equipment and good accessibility.
  • In our own operating room, we perform smaller procedures on an outpatient basis.
  • The bigger operations are personally planned and conducted in larger facilities with in-patient care.
  • An aspect of our specialization is the prevention of birth injuries, their early detection and complex treatment.

Our services


Prevention, prenatal care, complex diagnosis and treatment of gynecological


Difficulty in retaining urine, frequent urinary tract inflammation, descending of vaginal walls and uterus.


We specialize in preparation for childbirth, pelvic floor disorders and postpartum

Aesthetic Gynecology

Labioplasty, perineoplasty and vaginoplasty. We use a natural tissue approach
to all procedures.

Our team

  • Michal Otčenášek, M.D., PhD, associate professor
    Michal Otčenášek, M.D., PhD, associate professor Doctor

    Urogynecology, Esthetic gynecology

  • Elena Astachová, M.D.
    Elena Astachová, M.D. Obsterics and Gynecology

    Coordinator for russian speaking patients (born in Moscow)

  • Ian Vašička, M.D.
    Ian Vašička, M.D. Obsterics and Gynecology

    Coordinator for english speaking patients (born in New York, USA)

  • MUDr. Michal Krčmář, PhD
    MUDr. Michal Krčmář, PhD Doctor
  • Bc. Ludmila Fiedlerová
    Bc. Ludmila Fiedlerová Nurse

    Specialist in obstetric and gynekology and intensive medicine

  • Monika Fidrova
    Monika Fidrova Office manager