Gynecology, Urogynecology (For insured persons in the Czech Republic) Price
Services not covered by public insurance  (Annual fee) 1000 Kč
Services not covered by public insurance – ENG (Annual fee) 1300Kč
Services not covered by public insurance  (1x appointment) 700 Kč
Care in pregnancy 3600 CZK
LBC (Liquid/-Based Cytology) 500 CZK
Introduction of intrauterine device (IUD) at the clinic 1500 CZK
Pesar ring 300 CZK
Pesar cube 1600 CZK
Inpatient operation – provision, organization, implementation 3000 CZK

* Fees cover care and services that are not covered by health insurance. These include reception services, online ordering, longer time subsidies for examination, use of disposable gadgets and above standard equipment of the center.

Gynecology, Urogynecology (For uninsured persons in the Czech Republic) Price
1st visit (history, examination, ultrasound, cytology, colposcopy) 1600 CZK
Check-up 800 CZK
Oral Contraception 300 CZK
Consultation without examination 400 CZK
Cultivation (swab) 500 CZK
Colposcopy 300 CZK
Ultrasound examination 600 CZK
Comprehensive examination of sexually transmitted diseases 1600 CZK
Urodynamic examination 2000 CZK
Cystoscopy 900 CZK
Outpatient hysteroscopy 2000 CZK
Physiotherapy   Cena
One hour (55 minutes of therapy) 950 CZK
One hour (55 minutes of therapy) for clients of the insurance company 207 (OZP), 209 (ZPŠ), 211 (ZPMV), 213 (RBP) 450 CZK
30 minutes (25 minutes of therapy) 500 CZK
Home electrical stimulator rental (refundable deposit 1000 CZK) 500 CZK  / 4 weeks


Esthetic Gynecology Price
Linear resection 16000 CZK
Wedge resection 16000 CZK
Composite labioplasty 18000 CZK
Extended labioplasty 18000 CZK
Clitoroplasty 12000 CZK
Reduction of large labia 18000 CZK
Vulva lift 22000 CZK
Vaginoplasty 18000 CZK
Perineoplasty 18000 CZK
Consultation 500 CZK
Preoperative examination sampling 400 CZK

Price includes 15% VAT

The basic VAT rate (21%) applies to all operative procedures in the field of esthetic medicine
Payment is accepted in cash, by credit card, or by bank transfer to the company’s account.
Account number: 1623637002/5500
ICO: 08332673
DIC: CZ 08332673 (We are VAT payers.)